About Us

We can proudly say that we are THE originators of this great product! Bad Beanie was created out of the need for something that out performs the average beanie hat that is bulky and makes you sweat while looking odd at the same time. Regular style beanies have a lackluster look and can be a little itchy. We have taken the beanie hat to another level by combining high performance material along with the ability of creating your own graphic design to make a very personalized beanie hat.


Personalizing and Fees:

Conventional personalizing can come in many forms. Embroidery, patches and screen printing are generally the norm. When using these conventional ways of personalizing, there are set up charges, digitizing fees, art fees, screen fees, not to mention minimum orders. What about embroidery? Embroidery looks ok if that's what you are looking for but your ideas are limited due to the process. When you choose embroidery, you still have digitizing fees that can be from 50 to 100 bucks (or higher). It also feels like a patch with threads which is basically what it is. What about screen printing? Screen printing is great for shirts and other items but is not a viable option when the fabric is going to be pulled and stretched like a beanie would be. And still, you have screen fees, art fees and minimums to deal with. Who wants 48 beanies when maybe you just want 3? At Bad Beanie, we have no minimum order. Want only one? Not a problem, we'll make just one. Need 50 for a special event? We can do that, too. Like we said earlier, there are NO screen fees, NO set up charges, NO digitizing fees, NO minimum orders and NO hidden fees.


About Our Product

Bad Beanies are manufactured with PURE-tech™ permanent moisture wicking technology. The PURE-tech™ permanent moisture wicking technology is interwoven into the fibers of these highly technical performance fabrics. Unlike standard topical applications, the interwoven system of PURE-tech™ does not fade or wash away with time, it remains strong throughout the lifespan of the garment.


Bad Beanies printing process is like no other. Our unique graphic process allows us to embed the ink into the fabric, thereby eliminating any type of feel or "hand" to the print. The print is 100% undetectable! It stretches and conforms without distressing the print. The design will never crack (like screen print) fade out or peel. No other printing method can hold a candle to it. Our printing process also allows for a higher color gamut than conventional printing. That basically means we have the brightest and largest range of colors. Take the fact that there are no crazy fees and combine it with a full color, all-over design onto a high tech piece of moisture wicking material and you have a superior beanie that will outperform in looks and functionality than any other beanie hat. That is a promise!


We really are excited and love our beanies. We know you will love them too!

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